Wood Crown Mouldings

Our Wood Crown Molding services provide our customers with a basis to add a stunning wood finish to their homes. With an extensive variety of material choice and style a Wood Crown Molding and installation is the perfect way to add a beautiful finish and luster to any room space.

At Trim Work by Design high manufacturing standards and a professional installing process grant our customers a product that will fully satisfy their aesthetic trim and structural needs.

Wood Crown Materials:

Made from the highest quality wood our crown molding installation includes many design profiles. Our Toronto showroom offers a choice from:

Canadian Red oak: This wood provides a solid and traditional hardwood finish to a room, natural and warm in appearance. Varied knotting and a slight ambering over time provide a comforting appearance with depth of character.

White oak: Dense, strong and fairly resistant the functionality of this wood is comparable to the beautifying aspects it can bring to the home. It light or pale hue and fine graining make it a highly popular choice in molding and trim work.

Maple Cherry: Light tones, fine texture and an even grain complemented with a treated cherry finish, less expensive than cherry hardwood our Maple Cherry Moldings provide an affordable wood embellishment without compromising quality or character.

American Poplar birch: Wonderfully light in color and brilliance our birch moldings combine easily with existing household styles to reflect a bright and welcoming appearance coupled with resilience and durability.

Stained and Finished Crown Moldings

With our Wood Crown Moldings our customers can enjoy large spectrum of options in regards to their wood finish. We can offer stained crown moldings that provide a great array of choice and specification towards out buyer’s desired preference. We are an installer of varnished and Lacquered Moldings that provide a complete and expert treatment of many stylish crown moldings and trim.


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MDF & Wood Crown Mouldings Installation
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