Smooth MDF Profiles

At Trim Work by Design, Toronto, we like to offer the consumer choice of style in order to fit in with their design profiles and stylistic concerns. Installation including various formats within our range of quality MDF moldings we hope to accommodate our customer’s needs and facilitate them with enough options of smooth MDF profiles to comply with personal preference. Our MDF profiles can be a great addition to your home whilst allowing an affordable alternative that comes with a guaranteed standard of quality and an expert knowledge of installation. Using MDF as a material ensures you have an easily primed or treated molding that is untroublesome to paint or decorate.

In order to provide a range that is broad enough to please our customers our smooth MDF profiles are available to buy in our company showroom with a variety of styles to meet your needs.

Plain Crown Moldings

Offer a basic and well defined molding that fits comfortably with interior trim décor and will add depth and perspective to any room.

Simple Crown Moldings

Assure an essentially subtle addition to your home without discrediting the perceived simplicity of a room. Ideal for minimalist design these crown moulds can add character to a room without becoming overbearing.

Modern Crown Moldings

Provide you with an installer of contemporary and fresh finish, well defined and complementary with a room’s structure and design. Our Modern Crown Molding grants you with a fitting addition that commends modern style.

Classic Crown Moldings

An Elegantly traditional installing indicative of grandeur and space our classic range of moldings will equip a room with heightened senses of volume and dimension while fitting concurrently with more conservative motifs.

Our collection of smooth MDF profiles aim to service needs that may have stylistic pre-requisites by offering our customers a considerable breath of design at a competitively affordable price-tag.

View Our Smooth MDF Mouldings Products Line:

Balanced 5''

Cove 5''

G-5 5''

MD-5 5''

SM-52 5''

TS-5 5''

Cove 7''

G-7 7"'

MD-7 7"'

SM-7 7"'

TS-7 7"'

TS-9 Extended


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