Painting of Mouldings & Trim

The painting is of molding and trim work is in essence the next step after installing the molding. In order to combine and fit in perfectly with the rest of the room painting is important to consider because we want the installation of molding and trim to work with your décor.

As well as being and excellent installer of molding, trim and woodwork all of our products come either readily treated and stained or primed to ensure a quick painting process. At Trim Work by design we cater for installing of Canadian molding and trim as well as providing painting services throughout the Toronto area.

It is important to us that our customers receive products and materials of the highest industry standards. We also like to ensure that the installation and application to the home is made as easy as possible. We offer painting and installing services as well as providing decorative advice. All of our molding and trim products are primed, finished or treated to customer specification.


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