Appliqués Wainscoting

A room with wainscoting and raised paneling can at times appear unfinished or incomplete because not all areas have been worked on.
Installing appliqués wainscoting can grant you a variety of means by which to achieve the appropriate paneling of a wall. A decorative wall treatment our appliqués wainscoting and decoration allows for specific customization and fitting to particular areas throughout a room. Our company offers advanced appliqués wainscoting services which are ideal for more complex room layouts and designs.

Appliqués wainscoting provides you with a way of achieving a highly distinct and attractive paneling style that assures precision and detail are not overlooked. Often a room’s layout and structure can prohibit complete and therefore consistent paneling because the basic panel format only provides coverage to certain wall areas. By installing appliqué wainscoting appropriate panels can be fixed to areas that otherwise could have been overlooked or impractical to work on.

Our expertise and extensive range of choice and options will ensure our customers that our appliqués wainscoting affords the means of achieving elegant and specific paneling.  


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Appliqués Wainscoting
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