Flexible Crown Mouldings

Often the problem of completing a home’s molding work lies with the structural placement of curved walls among others. Our company grants customers several cost-effective solutions in the hopes of insuring the attainment of a fully realized crown molding and trim.
At Trim Works we offer you a Canadian based selection of flexible crown molding in the Toronto area. As an expert installer we aim to address the means of adding molding to curved or rounded wall structures so that they can work in compliance with the style or trim profile of the remainder of the room. We encourage our customers that along with flexible curved wall molding our services extend to any trimming or bordering needs. We can also provide you with flexible baseboards, arch work and curved wainscoting.
Mentioned below are several of the services that are also displayed and available to buy at our showroom:

It naturally makes sense to us that to achieve a complete and consistent finish to a room that we will also offer the fitting of flexible baseboards in order to complement the molding and trim fully. Along with flexible wainscoting and wall work, arches of any design or parameter can be catered for.


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Flexible Crown Mouldings Installation
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