Beamed & Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings can offer a unique and distinctive character to a room, consisting of a series of hollowed or recessed panels they are often adorned with a decorative trimming or embossment.  The panel structures are usually square or rectangular and interlock with each other forming a grid much like the paneling on a wall.

Our coffered ceilings fully complement existing molding work and varied design profiles and exhibit all the desirable intrinsic aspects. We provide a coffered ceiling installer, Canadian manufacture throughout Toronto.

Essentially regarded as an older style of architecture coffered ceilings are respectively popular in both older and newer motifs.

Modern recessed Waffle or coffered ceilings are often incorporated with integrated lighting schemes which offer a great array of unique room lighting set-ups. Lights can be placed in recessive grooves or as chandeliers offering great variability concerning lighting arrangement. The choice of light placement is often used to reflect or highlight the coffering and detail of the ceiling.

Beamed Ceilings

At Trim Work by design we also offer the installation of beamed ceilings as another option of advanced decoration. Working primarily as a contrast with crown molding designs, a beamed ceiling serves as an eye-catching and complementary addition to the home.  

Competitive prices and a supremely adept installation our customers can enjoy the elegance, interest and grandeur that both coffered and beamed ceilings allow. When coupled with typical crown molding or trim the result of a ceiling installation can provide a vast spectrum of lighting options as well as an inherent distinction and visual splendor. 

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Coffered Ceilings Installation
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