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Often regarded as the foremost aspect of home decoration, interior painting along with the choice and style opted for, are what essentially determines the general appearance of a room. The importance of color choice especially, will ultimately project the mood and perception of any space. Although many other factors such as light and furniture will contribute, it is recurrently the paint and color that arbitrate how a room will turn out.

At Trim Work by Design we understand that in order for a room to achieve its full potential the color schemes must work mutually with the layout, trim, contours and potential lighting inside. Our years of experience in home decorating can offer you an inexpensive and professional realization of your painting needs and Color schemes.


Stucco can be removed fairly easily from some surfaces; the process usually involves the use of a hammer to break up the stucco and pull it from the wall. With a vast knowledge in stucco removal we can explain that the extent and difficulty of removal is dependent on where it was applied. The exterior for example is by far larger job than simple removing crumbling interior stucco. Our services include:

Our expertise ranges from simple stucco removal job to broad exterior work. The composition of the exterior or interior wall may also complicate the subsequent removal further.

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